What is Goocus CMS(Content Management System)?

What you can do with Goocus CMS

Logging In

Home Screen

Administrator Management

Change settings

Password Setting


Operation Managemenet

Application settings

Language settings

Password Policy

Badge settings

Organization Management

Agent Management

Company management

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Organizational hierarchy

Group Management

Create a group

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Change settings

User Management

Create a user

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About user setting items

Registration of e-mail address

User's authority

Change settings

Review already created user information


Delete a user

Other troubles

Contents Management

Course management

Create a course

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Create a chapter

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Create a section

Test Set section

Study card

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Quiz card

Report Card

Survey card

Visibility settings

Other troubleshooting

Learning History

View learning history

CSV export of Learning History

Push Notification

About Push Notification function

Push Notification transmission settings


About Point function


Other troubleshooting

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