I can't import the file because of an error.

Please check detail information about the error by "error message", and retry import.

* If an error has occurred, the register of entaire information will not be completed.


Main reasons of an error are as follows.

-Login ID: This item is required.

In the case that Login ID is unfilled.


-Password: This item is required.

In the case Password is unfilled


-E-Mail adress : This email adress is already registered.

In the case that you use an email adress that is already used by other User.


-Group: Customize: It is not exist.

In the case you enter a name of group which is not exist in the company.


-Only Students can renew.

In the case you try to change the registered information of authorized User.


-This User is belonging to other company or agent.

In the case your Login ID is identical to that of a User who belongs to other company or agent.


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