How do I create a new user?

Following is the procedure to create a new user:


1. On CMS Home page, select “User Management” at the left column.

2. On User List page, click “Create a New”.

3. Enter necessary information.

[Note] “Login ID” “Password” “Password confirmation” are mandatory fields.

4. Select the Department/Group/Role you wish the new account to belong to.

[Note] You can “Save” the new account even if you do not select a department or a group. However, you cannot assign a course unless the account belongs to a group.

5. Set the icon image by clicking “+Add files…” and then “Start upload”.

6. In case you check a box of "Send Log In credentials to user",  a notification will be sent to user's email address.

7. Click “Save” at the very bottom of the page and you have now completed creating a new user.

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