I don’t know how to add a quiz card (Blank fill-in by entering text).

1. In the “Create a new card” window, select “Quiz” and then “Fill blank input”.

2. On the Fill Blank Quiz Card Edit page, fill in the “Card name” and “Question sentence” sections.

3. As shown in the image above, close the part you wish to make blank with double square brackets (“[[word]]”).  

4. Check the “is publish” checkbox of the “Publish status” section.
[Note] Make sure to checkbox, otherwise the quiz will not be shown upon launch of application even if you “Save” it.

5. You can set the limit time to “0” if you wish not to set the limit time.

6. Fill in the “Allocation of marks” section.
[Note] This is not mandatory.  You can still make a quiz without allocating the marks.

7. Click “Save” and now you have completed the creation of a card.

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