What should an admin do if he/she forgot his her login ID/password?

There are two solutions:

1. Have the account in the “higher” hierarchy to change the password.
When an admin forgets his/her password, the countermeasure is to have an account “higher” than the account in question to edit the login information.  
The higher account will update the necessary information from at the Edit User page that can be accessed from the account in question listed on the User List.  

2. The account holder of the forgotten login ID/password uses his/her registered e-mail address to reset login information.
If the admin registers his/her e-mail address at time of the creation of the account, the reset notification will arrive at the registered e-mail address.  
Please note that this reset function is under development.  Until it is officially available, please take a moment to contact Castalia for the reset.

1) On the Log in page, select “Forgot password?”, and then enter the registered e-mail address. Press “Send”.


2) You will receive a reissued password via e-mail. On the Log in page, enter the reissued password to log in.
[Note] You can log in with your registered e-mail address. If you have forgotten your log in ID as well, enter your e-mail address to log in.

3) After you have logged in by using the reissued password, you will be required to change it.  Enter a new password of your choice by following the password change trules to reset the password.
[Note] If you wish to check or change your log in ID, ask another user who has the same or “higher” authority as you to check the management system.

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