I don’t know how to create a new study card.

1. On the Home page, select “Course Management” under “Contents Management” on the left hand column.

2. On the Course List page, create a course, chapter, and section where you wish to add a Study Card to.  (If you have already created a course/chapter/section where you wish to add the card to, go on to the Card List page of the section in question.)

3. Select “Add to section” → “Create a new card” → “Study”.  


4. On the Study Card Edit page, fill in the “Card name” and “Card body” sections.
[Note] The card will not be shown upon launch of the application unless you check the “is publish” checkbox at the right hand side of the “Publish status” section.

5. Click “Save” and the card has now been saved within the section.

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