What can I do with "Language Setting"?

With the “Language Setting” function, you can set the first language in which the contents are created. At default setting, Japanese is the first language.

If Japanese is set as the first language, you can do the following:

  • When you are creating a course / chapter / section / card in “Contents Management” and click “Create a new”, the interface to create the new one will be shown in Japanese. (You can add other languages by clicking the “+” button on the language tab.)
  • When a student view the content using the app, the language of the shown content will be dependent on the language set on the device that the student is using. If there is no content available in the language of the student’s device, the content in the language of the first language set on the content’s side will be shown. (For example, if the content is available in Japanese and English but the device is set in French, the content will be shown in Japanese, the first language of the content.)

The language setting can be set by agent level or company level. When a language is set by both the agent and the company, the company’s language setting is prioritized. When the language set by the agent only, the agent’s language setting is valid for its subordinate companies.

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