What can I do with the toolbar shown on the Card Edit page?

Here are the descriptions:


(1) Cut: To cut a text or an image and save it on the clipboard for the time being.
(2) Copy: To copy a text or an image and save it on the clipboard for the time being.
(3) Paste: To paste the text/image saved on the clipboard onto the designated position.
(4) Paste as plain text: The structure of the table will be removed and only its text information will be pasted.
(5) Paste from Word: When you cut or copy a text and then paste to a document, this function allows you to post the text without retaining the format of the original text.
(6) Undo: Allows you to undo the last action that you did.
(7) Redo: Allows you to redo what you have undone with the “undo” function.


(1) Maximize: Displays the body view of the card on full screen. (It can be returned to the normal view with the same button “minimize”.)
(2) Show blocks: Displays the paragraphs in an easy-to-see format.


(1) Source: Shows the HTML of the input content.
(2) Preview: Opens another window to display the input content to make it easier to see.


(1) Bold: Emphasizes the text by darkening it.
(2) Italic: Slants the text to the right.
(3) Underline: Draws a line underneath the text.
(4) Strikethrough: Draws a horizontal line that crosses out the text.
(5) Remove Format: Undoes the set format and returns to the default setting of the text format.


(1) Numbered List: Makes a list from the selected paragraph by itemizing it by numbers, “1., 2., 3. …”
(2) Bulleted List: Makes a list from the selected paragraph by itemizing it by bullets, “●”.
(3) Decrease Indent: Brings back to the left the position of the once-indented paragraph.
(4) Increase Indent: Inserts a blank space at the beginning of the paragraph and moves its first letter closer to the right margin.
(5) Block Quote: Upon quoting a text, this function allows you to create a group of sentences that you wish to emphasize.
(6) Align Left: Aligns the beginning of the text to the left.
(7) Centers: Aligns the entire text to the center.
(8) Align Right: Aligns the end of the text to the right.
(9) Justify: Adjusts each line of the text to align at both ends of the paragraph.


(1) Insert/Edit Link: Sets a link to a character string, an icon, or a banner.
(2) Insert/Edit Anchor: Sets a link to a specified place within the page.


(1) Image: Inserts an image to the body (JPG, JPEG, PNG, of GIF)
(2) Table: Sets the number of lines, the number of rows, and the width when you wish to create and insert an original table.
(3) Insert special character: Allows you to insert symbols and abbreviation marks (…) that are not on the keyboard.


(1) Styles: Sets the font of the text.
(2) Format: Sets the format of the entire paragraph.
(3) Font: Same as “Style”.
(4) Font Size: Sets the size of the font.
(5) Text Color: Sets the color of the text.
(6) Background Color: Sets the background color of the text.
(7) Line Height: Sets the height of the line.

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