What is a “Test Set section”?

A Test Set section is close to the form of an actual test.

You can set the following:

Test passed message
Test failed message
Common message
Time limit (of the entire section)
Pass/fail determination standard
Pass line
Grading method
Number of tests that can be taken before passing
Review permission

On the app, before the section starts, a descriptive page (as per the image below) is shown. When you finish answering the final question of the section, it is considered that you have “submitted” the test.


After submission, it will be automatically marked and a new page will be shown in accordance with the setting.

On the answer list page, you can check which questions of the section you have marked correct or incorrect.

When you select “See the question” of the particular card on the answer list, you will be directed to the card you selected.

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