I don’t know how to add a survey card (Free report type).

1.On the left side column of the Home Page, select “Contents Management” and then “Course management” under it.

2.Proceed to the Card List page of the chapter or the section you wish to add the survey card to.

3.On the Card List page, select “Add to section” followed by “Create a new card”.

4.The “Create a new card” window pops up. On “Please select the kind of card you want to create”, select “Survey”, followed by “Free report”.

5.On the Report Survey Card Edit page, enter the card name and the question sentence.

6.If you wish to have the card shown upon the start of the app, check the “is publish” checkbox of “Publish status”.

 [Note] If you do not check the “is publish” checkbox, the new card will not be           shown even if you add it.

7.If you wish to set a limit to the number of characters of an answer, check the “Char limit size” checkbox. After you have checked the “Char limit size” checkbox, set the number of characters up to which an answer can be written.

8.Finally, click “Save” at the bottom of the page and you have now completed the creation of a Free Report Survey Card.

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