How do I register/add user/s to a group?

1. On the left side column, select “Group Management”.  On the Group List page, select “Member” of the “Operation” section of the group you wish to add a user to.  

2. On the Group Member List page, select “Add group member”.

3. The “Add Group Member List” window pops up.  Check the “Operation” checkbox of the user/s you wish to add.  You can add as many users as you wish.

4. After selecting the user/s, click “Preview” at the bottom of the window.

5. All selected user/s that you have chosen as additional group member/s will be shown.

6. Click “Add to group” and you have completed adding the user/s to the group.
Check the Group Member List page to make sure that the selected user/s have been added to the list.  

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