Is it possible to add users who have already registered to other groups?

Yes. You can add users to other groups by following steps below.

1. Click "User Management" and go to User List page, click "Export" and export the CSV file.

2. On the CSV file, enter the group name you want to add users in "Group" Column.

3. Save the CSV file and click "import" on the User List page.

4. On the User Import page, click " Choose a file" and import it.


*Users do not be deleted from the groups they belong as you import a CSV file. If you want to delete users from a group, go to "Group Management" page, click "Member" and tap "Unassign".

*If you import the file with unfilled "Group" column, no change will be added.

*This way is applied to users only who have "Student" authority.

*If there are listed some Users who has the same Login ID, the latter information will be imported.

*If some errors occur, error messages are displayed on the screen and you can confirm the details at "Result" on User Import page.

*Unfilled columns will not be used, but they are left for compatibility with the existing CSV file.


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